Want more value? Get your designer on board early...

Sarah*, who I absolutely love working with, recently approached us with a design brief. She had invested significant time and money, and the project was all but finished. There had been some hurdles, which had devoured more capital than anticipated, so there wasn’t much left in the budget to deliver stunning design.

As so often happens when the budget is tight, Sarah inevitably went with the cheapest quote she could source. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worst when the ensuing design solution completely missed the mark and she had to invest even more in the project to get the result she needed.

When I next saw her she told me of the outcome and how it had made her just want to cry. I felt bad. Could I have helped her avoid this trap? Not this time perhaps, but the next? So this is what I told her. The secret is – get your designer on board much earlier. Then, right from the start, you can:

  1. find out what budget you need to get the outcome you want

  2. ask for possible solutions to save you time and money

  3. get a great design that successfully delivers your brand.

Know what budget will get the right results

Base the budget on the outcome you want, the right budget will deliver the best value. This information can help you accurately scope the project and, if costs start to run over, manage the project better without compromising the final outcome.

Save time and money in the right places

A good designer, if you ask them, should be able to identify areas where you can save time or money. Avoiding potential duplication across different areas of the project is a great way to stay on budget.

Successfully deliver your brand

A great long-term relationship with your designer will always lead to happy outcomes. We designers like to make people happy. This is easy when you know someone well. But, be it old friend or new acquaintance, give your designer more time and they will love you for it. Then, you can get quality design that strengthens your brand and, ultimately, deliver even better value to your own clients.

*this isn’t her real name, of course, I’ve changed it because, well, who doesn’t like the name Sarah.